Michael Jackson told Lisa Marie WHO was ‘trying to kill him’ in final conversation

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MICHAEL JACKSON and his ex-wife Lisa Marie talked about getting back together “for years” and then he told her who was “trying to kill him” in an emotional final conversation.

After a whirlwind proposal and marriage in April 1994, the world was not terribly shocked when Jackson and Lisa Marie separated and quickly divorced in December 1995. The following year, Debbie Rowe gave birth to Jackson’s first child Prince Michael. What is more surprising is the insistemce from Lisa Marie that their marriage was physically and emotionally real and that she only left him in a misguided attempt to make him see certain truths about his dangerous lifestyle. Lisa Marie said that soon after separating, she and Jackson secretly started to talk and see each other again for years. Both of them were still considering rebuilding their marriage.

Lisa Marie said: “We were going to get back together. We spent four more years after we divorced.. talking about getting back together…

“I left him to put my foot in the ground, I was trying to take a stand and say, ‘Come with me, don’t do this (carry on down the same path).’ And it was a stupid move because he didn’t.

“He and I were still… I was flying all over the world still with him for years to follow.”

Eventually, Lisa Marie decided to cut herself off from Jackson but then many years later they had one last traumatic conversation, when her ex-husband made some extraordinary claims.

She said: “(Our last) coherent, good conversation was in 2005. It was a very long conversation.

“I was so removed and he could hear it and feel it…He was checking to get a read, throw a line out to see if I would bite.

“He wanted to tell me that I was right about a lot of people around him. That it had panned out to be exactly what he and I had talked about years ago.”

She told Oprah Winfrey: “He asked if I still loved him and I told him I was indifferent. And he didn’t like that word and he cried…

“The final part of the conversation was him telling me that he felt that someone was going to try and kill him to get hold of his catalogue and his estate.

“And I really didn’t know what to do with that.”

Oprah asked Lisa Marie if Jackson had named names to her.

Lisa Marie said: “He did (tell me who) and I would like not to say them, but he expressed to me his concern over his life.”

Lisa Marie said she tried to tell Jackson during their marriage that people around him did not have his best interests at heart. She called them “vampires.” But she eventually accepted that, like her father Elvis, Jackson had so much power over those closest to him he would never listen to any advice he didn’t like.

She said: “The one thing that correlates with Michael and my father on this subject was they had the luxury of creating whatever reality around them they wanted to create. They could have the kinds of people who were going to go with their programme or were not and if they weren’t then they could be disposed of.”

Source: www.express.co.uk

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