Yebo! Seeks To Be Home of Know Africa, Be Africa

by Yinka Akanbi

Following its launch last month, Africa’s first factual Video On Demand platform, Yebo!, is on a quest to document the African continent through raw digital stories.

Its aim was simple: to showcase the side of the continent that A24 Media’s crew experience while on assignments – the fun and adventurous, resilient and innovative while remaining brutally honest to how African stories are told, having covered the continent for 12 years.

As the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave many people homebound, Yebo! believes in leading the way of telling African stories.

Media Entrepreneur and A24 Media’s founder, Asif Sheikh, believes time for platforms like Yebo! is right.

“I strongly feel our journey could be a game changer for the African media industry. A few years back the change the African audience craved became available, but the metamorphosis is not complete yet, that is why as Yebo, we endeavor to show case a different side of the continent, this we believe is part of the diversity in content that has been missing, and we hope it will be a nudge to others to want to tell these kinds of stories that the mainstream media is not profiling,” he said.

As a factual platform showcasing Africa’s History, Biography and Discovery, Yebo’s offer has seen users enjoy documentaries of formidable African revolutionaries like; Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara to anti-apartheid hero Winnie Mandela. Historical content tracing Kenya’s journey from independence to a giant of the region and Biographies of some notable African personalities like Nigerian football legend, Kanu Nwankwo.

On shows, we have content on present day heroes, the change agents of the continent in Agricultre and Animal welfare. Tech, health, sports and culture are also available in the diverse offering of content available on Yebo!

Through its stock footage addition to the site, Yebo! is giving creative flmmakers with stalled projects a chance to use our vault of over 16,000 hours of raw archive to complete on pending projects. As phase one of the Yebo concept takes a firm shape, A24 is ready to engage gears on phase two that will scale the platform to the next level. As our founder engages interested strategic partners, our vision remains resolute, to be the ulti-mate guide to Know Africa, Be Africa.

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