Remembering Kalakuta family, celebrating Yeni Kuti @ 59

by Azuka Jebose

Those mid mornings at Bariga!
Dear God!
I would climb upstairs, sweating from the streets as a roving reporter, into the living room of Remi, Femi, Dele Sosimi, Sola, Yeni and granny’s home.
Oh, there was that damn black German shepherd dog that hated me. Yeni (Ki) would serve tea, engage me in daily musings. We would sit at the balcony as she frets with her passion then, fashion design.
Sola would walk up and joined us as the breeze slapped away our mid morning dreams and aspirations for our dear native land.

Fela was in jail!
These were my morning moments during the week, especially on any lazy day on the beat. I would anchor my day’s end at their home.
We planned our next move with Femi’s music and Yeni’s fashion creations. My disturbances earned me several new clothing from “Yeni the tailor”. She covered my skinny exuberance then. Most evenings she made sure I had dinner before I left. And Sola too. Remi and I planned that someday, I would write her biography. But we didn’t know that we were not the architect of this great universe.
Remi continues to rest in grace.

I will save these for another time.

Azuka Jebose

Azuka Jebose

It’s been years since our iconic dance at Afrika Shrine in Ikeja, Lagos. That picture has become the image of a unique generation.
But, let’s focus on my beautiful sister, Yeni Anikulapo Kuti. She is 59 today, Sunday May 24. Where did the years go, so fast?
I celebrate a dear charming free spirit, a true friend that cares.
Please my dear friends and followers, salute my friend on this her spectacular day.

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