From Being A Rape Victim At 10 To Becoming An Award-winning Filmmaker, Ifan Michael Recounts Troubled Childhood

by Yinka Akanbi

Nigerian film producer, Ifan Ifeanyi Michael, has opened up on how he grew up in a brothel and got raped at the age of 10 on the latest episode of #WithChude.

Speaking on his troubled childhood and motivation through the years, he said: “I knew I was a star; I knew I had something in me that was different from what everyone else had. I knew I was talented and that’s what kept me going.”

Ifan added that he learnt very early on to make the best of the opportunities he came by, channeling everything that happened to him into being better.

On whether he would be seeking justice, the ‘Foreigner’s God’ producer replied: “Anywhere this person is, I am sure he will never forget this face. Hearing me say these things should give them the wisdom to adjust if they’re still living that same life. But for me, I have moved on. I’ve been able to chase a better career for myself, and to build a life.”

According to him, by telling his story, he hopes to inspire others who have gone through a similar experience to find the strength and courage to heal and share their own stories with the world.

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