NFC boosts civil-military relations with 74 productions

by Araayo Akande

As part of its efforts to boost civil-military relations, the Nigeria Film Corporation (NFC) will facilitate the production of 74 films, TV series and documentaries about the Nigerian Armed Forces.

There has been massive distrust between Nigerians and the Armed Forces, especially in light of the recent event at the Lekki Toll Gate, hence the NFC’s decision to use film to foster mutual understanding between both groups.

Speaking on the development at a news briefing in Jos, Plateau State on Monday, Managing Director of the NFC, Dr Chidia Maduekwe, explained that the productions would showcase the gallantry of the Military.

He said, “After a series of consultations, signing of MOU and exchanges between the NFC and the Defence Department of Civil-Military Cooperation, it was agreed that this project was not only desirable but timely.

“Producing these films and documentaries will unlock the potential of our filmmakers to be able to deploy the appropriate narrative for our armed forces and what they have been able to achieve nationally and internationally. We have stories that can sell globally that needs to be told, that is the reason we put this up.”

Dr Maduekwe further disclosed that the first of the 74 productions, would be released next year.

‘For My Country and Men’ about the life and times of Col. Abu Ali, who was killed in action against Boko Haram insurgents is one of the selected films. ‘The Hero’s Bride’ about the involvement of the Nigerian Armed Forces in the Liberian Civil War is another.

Others are a series on women in the Armed Forces entitled ‘Breaking the Barriers,’ as well as feature stories and documentaries, among others.

The forthcoming productions won’t be the first time the Military would be cooperating with Nigerian filmmakers. The Defence Department of Civil-Military Cooperation played an invaluable role in facilitating the shoot of Izu Ojukwu’s ‘76’ at the Army Cantonment, Mokola, Ibadan. The Nigerian Army also trained some of the actors, including Ramsey Nouah and Chidi Mokeme before production commenced.

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