Public, hotel beaches reopen across Dubai

by Araayo Akande

UAE residents are once again heading outdoors to experience the sun, sea and sand following the reopening of public and hotel beaches across Dubai.

However, beach-goers must still follow prescriptive rules that are in place to maintain public health and safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sunbathers, fitness and wellness enthusiasts have welcomed the reopening of beaches aimed at meeting the needs of all communities affected by the current situation.

Other recreational and tourism facilities and activities that are now permitted to reopen or resume include swimming pools, camping, waterparks and public parks.

As part of social distancing guidelines, beach-goers are required to maintain a distance of two metres between one another, along with their sun-beds, while there should be a gap of four metres between two groups of people and their sun-beds on the beach, with a defined number of people.

Swimming pools that have reopened have to meet hygiene and sanitisation requirements in accordance with guidelines issued by Dubai Municipality, including regular maintenance such as cleaning and testing of water and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and common areas at least once every hour and shared objects each time they are used such as handrails, lounge chairs, tabletops, and pool side showers.

Pool users, staff, trainers and visitors must wear face shield or mask at all times, but should remove it during swimming sessions and when the coach is demonstrating techniques.

Social distancing must be maintained at all times with visitors and pool users required to maintain a distance of two metres between one another inside and outside the pool. Members of a single group, of up to five people, can be seated together while a distance of four metres should be maintained between groups of people.

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Dubai Tourism inspectors are regularly monitoring hotel beaches and pools to ensure compliance with the range of regulations to help safeguard the health of residents and guests.

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