Mildred Okwo’s ‘La Femme Anjola’ Set For Cinema Release

by Yinka Akanbi

Mildred Okwo’s highly anticipated crime thriller, ‘La Femme Anjola’, is set to hit the cinemas on March 19.

A statement issued by the producers over the weekend, said the film’s release comes about five years after its production commenced.

According to the statement, the release which was initially slated for 2020 was delayed by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

It added that ‘La Femme Anjola’ would also be released on paid digital platforms asides from the cinemas in a bid to enable movie lovers across the globe access the film.

“In response to the prevalent realities of the film industry, La Femme Anjola will also release digitally for the rest of the world on a paid platform using assets specifically created for this,” the statement read in part.

The statement quoted Okwo as expressing optimism that the resources put into ensuring the quality of the project will be worth it.

She said: “A lot of money and resources was put into the film from the talent to the production design and special effects. We want to give people a good time obviously, but we also want to be able to make good returns, so more people are encouraged to invest in Nollywood.”

Shot in Lagos and Cape Town, ‘La Femme Anjola’ tells the story of a young man, Dejare (Bassey) who becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he meets and falls for a mysterious woman Anjola (Dominic) whom he simply cannot have.

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